Robert Man is a journalist from Hamilton, New Zealand, in his late thirties. He leads a mediocre life without surprises. When he is sent by the management of the magazine he works for to Papua New Guinea to cover a story, the boat in which he travels sinks. He is shipwrecked and finds himself on a desert island. There, isolated from the rest of the world, after just few days enjoying his new found freedom and the pleasures of a simple life he decides to…open a Super Market. A vast cave by the beach is the site chosen, which he starts decorating and stocking with the animals he hunts, quarters and whose meat he preserves. Robert even thinks of the parking lot area. When later on, a boat patrol investigating his disappearance disembarks on the island, Robert is eager to finally take his first customers to the Super-Market, a now grotesque space filled by the stench of rotten cuts of meat.
A kafka-esque existential comedy about the ambitions and desires that are part of human life. A book about loneliness, vanity, and the illusions we’re after.

200 pagesOriginal Language: Greek (Kedros Publishers 2015). Foreign editions: Danish (Jensen & Dalgaard, 2022), French (Intervalles, 2018), Serbian (Clio, 2018), Turkish (Tudem, 2018).