A man, in his forties leads a monotonous life with his wife Maria and their 13-year-old son. Once a curious and energetic painter living a bohemian life, he has now left painting altogether. One of the few occasions for entertainment left these days is when old friend Gerasimos comes to dinner. But one night when Gerasimos is visiting, everything changes: his friend is showing him a couple of photos taken in a rowdy bar and showing a man who is his exact lookalike. Absolutely baffled by the discovery, our hero decides he needs to meet his lookalike (his other self?). This decision will send him down a spiral of exaltation, torment, violence and renewal

With dry, direct language Sotakis builds an absurdist allegory about self-suppression, regret and deeply seated and as yet unconscious desires.

250 pagesOriginal Language: Greek (Kedros Publishers 2022). Foreign editions: Turkish (Deli Dolu, 2023).