A wealthy businessman is hiring a housekeeper in order to organize his chaotic daily life. But from the moment this unusual cohabitation begins, a series of strange incidents lead this story to unexpected and strange paths. The businessman’s abusive attitude turns their co-existence into a suffocating environment, in which both sides struggle to survive, striving to maintain their own identity. Wrecked by guilt however, the businessman gradually hands over aspects of his life to the housekeeper: from his work to his love relationships, the housekeeper ends up impersonating his employer.  This overlap looks like a race with an obvious winner but things are not always what they seem to be. Who is finally the cunsummate servant and what is lying behind the visible?
A novel about the battle of Man with his own self, about the hallucinatory landscapes created by the power of manipulation.


280 pagesOriginal language: Greek (Kedros Publishers 2019). Foreign editions: French (Intervalles, 2022), Chinese simplified characters (New World Press, 2022),  Turkish (DeliDolu/Tudem, 2022), Danish (Jensen og Dalgaard, 2023)