The Ampi Margini literary agency was born in early 2015. Its aim is facilitating cultural and commercial exchanges through the medium of world literature.
Based in London and Bari, in the South-East of Italy, the Ampi Margini agency represents authors from Latin America & Spain, Italy and from the Balkans.

Ampi Margini evaluates manuscripts, plans promotion campaigns, manages relations with sub-agents and publishers, monitors the life of a new edition in the market, takes part in the most important international book fairs.

We are always looking for new talent and are primarily interested in literature and intelligent thriller/noirs. Any author interested in representation can initially write to:


The agency will accept manuscripts only in the first ten days of each month.

Proposals outside this period (or to another email address) are not taken into consideration.

We ask you to send only the first 30 pages of the text, accompanied by a brief synopsis, a short biography and a full bibliography, all via PDF files please. The agency may eventually request the entire manuscript to the author and then send a reply within three months. Apologies, we are unable to send an answer in all other cases.

Ampi Margini is among the founders of ADALI – Associazione degli Agenti Letterari Italiani, established in April 2020.