In Estamos unidas (We Are United) two sisters and a mother move in a world without men, one that they barely understand. Because for them everything has changed. White noise, disenchantment, illusions and uncertainty of an era, the ‘90s. Although the beginning of that decade did not have much to do with the images that would later remain forever associated with it. More basic needs than sporting the latest Versace, less consumerist brilliance and more primal ferocity in the struggle for survival. Because in those pivotal years for Argentina thousands of adolescents opened up to life and to their own voices. This novel is the intimate as well as social portrait of the end of a way of life and the birth of a new one. A analytical, political and sentimental coming-of-age novel depicting the end of innocence for a generation.


“Marina Mariasch composes a feminine nouvelle about the hormonal awakening during the Menem period”. The Rolling Stones

“Marina Mariasch goes through postcards of adolescence in an initiation novel, an attractive and disturbing text, with a strong poetic imprint”. Violeta Gorodischer, La Nación

“The title. ‘We are united’ is the pun…about a generation raised by parents, militant in the seventies and their contradiction of consumerism and fascination for the dollar”. Matias Mendez


112 pages – Original Edition: Spanish/Argentina (Mansalva, 2016). Foreign editions: Spanish/Chile (Libros de la mujer rota, 2019)