Marina Mariasch (Buenos Aires, 1973)  is a civil rights activist and a university professor in Latin American Poetry and in Creative Writing. She has published several volumes of poetry, collected in 2014 under the title Paz o amor (Blatt y Ríos), and her stories have appeared in various anthologies. She is also the author of essays published in different volumes, such as ¿El futuro es feminista? (Is the future feminist?, Le Monde Diplomatique + Intellectual Capital, 2016). Her novels are El matrimonio (Marriage, Bajo la luna, 2011), Estamos unidas (We are united, Mansalva, 2015) and the recently published Efectos personales (Personal Effects). Mariasch has hosted radio and television programs on literature on various channels and has collaborated with publications such as Rolling Stone, Clarín, Página12, and LatFem. She is also part of Argentina’s #NiUnaMenos feminist movement, which led the fight for the decriminalisation of abortion.