Halfway between weird fiction and horror, the stories in El horizonte del grito unfold in a liminal space which separates body and subject.

Where the scream ends an unexplored landscape begins, one in whose dense darkness one can barely sense the shadows of what makes it up: old Nazis who intend to relive through the bodies of teenage metalheads wired to their dreams, sects worshiping ancient trees, cryptic rituals around stolen organs, clairvoyant children who, subjected to obscene torture, have the power to transfer consciousness from one body to another, churches burning in the night, skulls opened in half, amputated fingers in whose scars flowers grow, eyes that emerge from the wounds to observe other dimensions, songs that lead to trance and voices that possess us, that occupy our body.

These tales are catalyzed by oneiric atmospheres, surreal impulses, and lyrical voices. Challenging realist conventions and chasing the monstrous, the stories deconstruct symbolic order, unveiling a dizzying sense of vertigo and cosmic horror.


“I don’t know of any Latin American writers this bold.” Mariana Enríquez

“I read Maximiliano Barrientos like a prophet. His books are a door to a literature that does not yet exist because he is creating it. If he set up a sect I would give him all my possessions.” Layla Martinez

“This is a book that stays in your eyes like the pain of a ghostly knife. Inside the flesh, carnivorous and wild. I read it in ecstasy, as if I wanted to set my parents’ old car on fire at any moment or was waiting to transform myself into a cursed tree.” Elaine Vilar Madruga


236 pages – Original Language: Spanish/Spain (Lava Editorial, 2024); Spanish/Bolivia (El Cuervo, 2024)