Enrique Winter is reported to the police for abandoning his mother Krystyna in abject conditions. After the intervention of the public force and of all those who want to take advantage of the old woman, her grandson begins to investigate how it came to that. But it is already late because of the rapid deterioration of Krystyna’s health. An erratic trip to the native Poland of the protagonist deepens the impossibility of recovery, in the first of the four seasons of the touching Aria. From «Winter», the account of the ancestors, peasants of German origins lost in the Napoleonic and national wars prior to the burgeoning of the textile industry in Łódź and the birth of Krystyna, to her own «Spring» between childhood and the two world wars and her “Summer” in Chile, a survivor amongst the suicides in the family and the dictatorship that she supports, this novel records the disappearance of the author’s family, renowned narrator and poet, while trying to rebuild the past of his estranged, reclusive father, after the coup had tried to obliterate it.

Aria is a long and powerfully original narrative, part historical novel and part auto-fiction, accounting for more than two centuries of horrors in some of the most shameful conflicts in the West, whose participants were to be found on both sides of the Atlantic.

145,000 words – Original Language: Spanish – Foreign Editions: Audio/Spanish (Storytel, 2020)