Freedom often survives in very tight spaces, such as a photographer’s sink. Based on a real-life episode that happened to the author’s grandfather, this is the story of a Slovak painter who was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the late 19th century, emigrated to the United States and then came back to Bratislava, only to hide under a sink in order to escape from Nazism.

This inventive book about vocation, love, war, and the desire to be an artist despite the circumstances will move the reader form beginning to end.


“The aphorisms, softened by the prose, come naturally, and when combined with a cutting yet constant narrative, always turn into fluent writing, serving a rich and imaginative story.” Emanuel Madalena, Público

“a very inventive and well-written novel […] In the evident mockery with which he works the language, it’s noticeable, especially in this author, the conviction of who truly believes in the great, almost magical, power of literature…” José Mário Silva, Expresso


176 pages – Original language: Portuguese (Caminho, 2011). Rights sold to: Arabic (Masciliana), Brazil (Peiropolis), Colombia (Tragaluz), Hungary (Typotex), Slovakia (Tatran), Spain (Rayo Verde).