Vicky García Joins Ampi Margini

We are glad to welcome Vicky García (Laborde, Argentina) to Ampi Margini. Vicky was the winner of the 2019 Young Art Biennial award for her short story “Rastros” published in the anthology Divino Tesoro (Mardulce Editorial). Her first publication is Las Bestias (2021, Contramar), a novel told through autonomous stories which depicts -with a mix of realism and a gore-like fantastic- the harsh life of a poor and very violent countryside community in the middle of the Pampas.

“Without asking permission (from whom?), or sitting modestly at the table of political incorrectness/correctness to debate what can or should be written in Argentine literature, Victoria García does the most vital thing that can be done: she kicks the board and writes whatever she fancies. And the results is vibrant and beautiful, exuberant and brutal. She writes wild literature.” – Gabriela Cabezón Cámara

“She just published a book, her name is Vicky García and hails from Laborde, Córdoba. She wrote some hallucinating stories, set in the countryside, but a very gore countryside, bizarre, bloody too, and very very good: I  absolutely recommend them!” – Selva Almada