La dimensión desconocida in Norwegian language!

La dimensión desconocida by Nona Fernández is published in Norway by Solum Bokvennen.


The Twilight Zone is wildly innovative, a major contribution to literature, in Chile and beyond, that deals with trauma and its aftermath … It is a superb way of making familiar the unimaginable experience of torture and pain, helping her haunted readers descend with her into the blaze of history.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES

“In this hybrid work of fiction, rigorous journalism, and memoir full of wide-ranging cultural and literary references, Nona Fernández helps us glimpse the horrible reality of torture—and the even more terrifying way it becomes routine—in luminous prose of great intelligence and obsessive sincerity.” – Fernanda Melchor, author of Hurricane Season

“There is an incantatory quality to Nona Fernández’s The Twilight Zone, a feeling of walking, as though under a spell, and then accidentally tripping into the murky unknown.” – Staff Pick – THE PARIS REVIEW

“A startling work that is to become a classic of Latin American letters.” – El País


La dimensión desconocida is published in 15 territories.