Este vacío que hierve (This Simmering Void) by Jorge Comensal

Jorge Comensal‘s awaited new novel Este vacío que hierve (This Simmering Void) is published in Spanish language worldwide by Alfaguara:  in September 2022 in Mexico, and in Janaury ion the rest of the Spanish speaking world.

German language rights have been acquired by Rowohlt Verlag. Comensal’s previous novel Las Mutaciones (The Mutations) was published in twelve languages, while film rights have been optioned.

Karina is twenty-five years old, a physicist working on a quantum theory of gravity. On the night of September 15, 2030, she finds her grandmother unconscious on the floor of her apartment, inexplicably intoxicated with alcohol. Coming to her senses, Rebeca mistakes her granddaughter for a ghost from the past and half-reveals a disturbing secret about the death of her parents eighteen years ago. Rebeca’s indiscretion seems related to the recent fire in the Chapultepec Forest; the flames devastated the Dolores Pantheon, where Karina’s parents are buried, and caused the death of almost all the animals in the zoo, which triggers an unusual animal rights movement in the city. With the help of Silverio, the cunning and reckless night guard from the pantheon, Karina will peer into the truth hidden under the earth.