El Hombre del Cartel launched in the USA as How to Turno into a Bird

Congratulations to Maríá José Ferrada on the publication of El hombre del cartel in North America.

El hombre del cartel is already translated in Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Danish. It is published in Spain by Alianza and in Chile by Alquimia.


How to Turn into a Bird takes a piercing look at how the human spirit can be nurtured, even set free, by curiosity and compassionate attention – or altogether quashed by fear and judgment. María José Ferrada and translator Elizabeth Bryer have created a vivid, poignant atmosphere, both mournful and tender.” — Robin Myers

“With all the brutal simplicity of a fairy tale, Ferrada lays bare the blind and violent intolerance that reigns on the precarious outskirts of an unequal society. A deceptively simple tale in a sensitive translation by Elizabeth Bryer – this book is a boon to English-speaking readers.” — Megan McDowell

“Enchanting” – Publishers Weekly

How to Turn Into a Bird offers us a captivating view of society from above—a coming-of-age tale with a fascinating twist.” Chicago Review of BooksBest Book of the Month

“Ferrada illustrates the value of compassion toward others in this tender coming-of-age tale.” Washington PostBest Book of the month

“In deceptively simple prose, the novel reveals the kindnesses and cruelties that humans are capable of.” – San Francisco Chronicle